The Name of Mount Sunu


The Name of Mount Sunu

Mountain Sunu is believed as the mountain where Moses got the ten commandments from the Lord. It was called mountain Sinnai. The history begun when Mone and Betty (Mone is the brother and Betti is the sister) first came to Sunu. They begun living in the mountain, Mone lived in the West and Betti in the East. The mountain symbolizes a horse and it is said in culture expression as “Mone es bikase nakan ma Beti es bikase bokon”. The horse’s head is on the west where Mone family lived, and its back is on the East happened to be Betti’s place. Both, West and East of the mountain are divided by an empty land and a lake whose owner is still not known until today.

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Mone and Betti lived in “Ume Balan”, a traditional house means an initial house where both families lived. The houses are not exist anymore but people call it “sin nain” which means a land of Mone and Betti. The ancestors of Mone and Betti were buried in the mountain (this is proved when people built Jokowi’s statue, they found a lot of human bones there).

It is believed that before Mone and Betti came to that mountain, there lived another family whose names did not mentioned by our sources. When Mone and Beti lived there, there happened a war between Mone and their enemies, Mone then took his sword chasing the enemy who were crying begging for mercy not to be killed. Sunu has two syllables, Su means “holding the weapons high on the head” while walking and crying, Nu means ”tear drops”. From then on,  Sunu means “holding the tears”.

(Diterjemahkan oleh Lesly N. Ndun, M.Hum)